Tokaj is the only one

The Tokaj wine region is proud to not only the elixir of eternal youth but also its rich history and traditions. This unique place in Slovakia complement the picturesque villages, old wine cellars, wine shops but also the hard and conscientious work of growers, wine producers and local residents make it unique. The fabulous walks in the vineyards or the surrounding nature, delicious food and comfortable accommodation in traditional enchants should everyone experience who visit this magical place.

Discover the beauty of Tokaj!


Experience Tokaj

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Tokaj viticultural region offers a variety of possibilities for spending leisure time. The area attractions include the dominant 12 m high Observation tower, boating on the river Bodrog, bathing in wine barrels and many more. Do not hesitate to experience the Tokaj firsthand.


Cycling across Tokaj

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Pull your bike and enjoy the ride along the Tokaj wine region. Each stations will offer the opportunity to see and visit unique natural and cultural values, visit the environmentally protected areas and reserves, national monuments, archaeological sites, including the Tokaj wine cellars excavated in tufa rock. Natural beauty of Bodrog river valley, blooming water lilies, hillsides with vineyards and wine cellars, all the beautiful scenery of Tokaj wine region.


Taste Tokaj

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Good and tasty food in which local people still placed a piece of their heart. In the Tokaj wine region, you can choose from restaurants where real chefs cook or taste local specialties in a traditional family environment. Choose a village where you want to enjoy delicious food, each of them hiding a unique treasure on a plate.


Meet the history and
the traditions of tokaj

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Specific folk and spiritual habits and traditions of the Tokaj wine region is closely linked to the local way of life, which had a vital influence of wine and winemaking. Part of almost every cellar or chapel is a statue or sculpture of St. Urban, the patron of all winemakers.


Perceive the beauty
of tokaj nature

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Walking and hiking in the Tokaj wine region will allow you to experience the beauty of nature in protected natural zones and reservations, visit national monuments but also the Tokaj wine cellars dug in the tufa rock. Hiking trails lead you, for example, to the Slovak double cross, dead arm of Bodrog river in a horseshoe shape or the lowest place in Slovakia.


Dreaming on Tokaj

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Everyone will love the accommodation in the Tokaj wine region. Whether you enjoy the comfort of a hotel or guesthouse with spa services, with specialties of the hotel kitchen and Wi-Fi connection or you prefer the accommodation in a wooden house with the option of traditional homemade food. Each village is unique and therefore the services are varied range. Choose from the offer of accommodation in the village of Tokaj wine region and spend a few days in this beautiful and inimitable environment of Slovak vineyards.


Drink Tokaj

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Wine tasting, demonstrations of traditional production and modern technology in winemaking or walks followed by wine tasting in large tufa cellars with typical and unique atmosphere. Each flavor is unique, because every grower has his recipe for the liquid elixir of eternal youth.