Tokaj Wine Route was established to promote the development of tourism, culture, but also cultural and social life in the Tokaj wine region. The stimulus for its creation was the need for knowledge of history and present of this area, the corners, attractions, traditions and customs, but also wine-growing, technology of processing or production of Tokaj wines.

Tokaj Tokaj Wine Road including municipalities, farmers and wine producers from this area, cultural and historical monuments, wine bars, taverns, service providers and hospitality services, travel agencies, artisans, associations involved in the development of the Tokaj wine region, and so on.

The organization of the Tokaj Wine Road project involved: Kosice self-governing region, the Association of Municipalities Tokay region, city Trebišov, municipalities, towns and villages, Trebišov Regional Cultural Centre, Museum Trebišov, Tokaj wine producers, NGOs.

Tokaj Wine Road is part of the Slovakian Tokaj wine region. Tokaj wine region is its area of 907 ha minimum area of production in Slovakia and the world at all. Tokaj wine region is situated in the district Trebišov, in the land of seven villages: Bara, Čerhov, Blacks, Little Tŕňa, Slovak New City, United Tŕňa and Viničky. This area also includes other municipalities such as Bors, galleries, and others Ladmovce

The Tokaj wine region is grown grape varieties Furmint, Lipovina, Yellow Muscat, which produced varietal wines, dry and sweet.

Tokaj wine route extends from the city Trebišov through the village historical Tokaj region: Bara, Čerhov, Blacks, Little Tŕňa, Slovenské Nové Mesto, United Tŕňa and Viničky.