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Museum and cultural center of southern Zemplín in Trebišov

The classicistic mansion was built in 1786 by Count Imrich Csáky. It is a two-story building, which was built 100 years after the destruction of the castle Parič. The manor has a Baroque facade of the two lateral towers that were built in the last third of the 19th century. In the interiors of the mansion were originally mosaic floors, historical furniture, valuable works of art, sculptures, precious art works, woven curtains, valuable carpets, porcelain, silver, tin and other luxury products. Between 1949 – 1978 the mansion and surrounding area served as a hospital in town Trebišov.

Location: Trebišov

GPS: 48.61969, 21.72094

The permanent exhibition of historical costumes

In 1914 the most valuable part of the interior were transported to Budapest and to Tiszadob in Szabolcs County. In the Baroque shield is a plastic coat of arms of the family Csáky. In parallel with it there is a plastic sign, a symbol of the hunt. In this respect, probably it was a hunting manor.

The history of agricultural machinery


Múzeum v Trebišove

Kultúrne centrum južného Zemplína

M. R. Štefánika 257/65, 075 01 Trebišov


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The exhibition is supplemented with wooden statues