Project Description

Pension Zlatá Putňa

Pension Zlatá Putňa is located in the beautiful vineyards of Tokaj wine region. The restaurant offers traditional Zemplín specialties, but also tasting of Tokaj wines, which matures in tufa cellar of the restaurant. Spaces provide opportunities for organizing various family celebrations, meetings, teambuilding and various events. Sitting on the terrace provide overlooks to the pond called Horseshoe, for its characteristic shape. The accommodation section has comfortably furnished rooms and apartments.

The traditional look of rooms

Zlatá Putňa restaurant serves traditional cuisine of Zemplín along with the Tokaj wine, as well as Tokaj Zlatý Strapec from their own production. The restaurant has a classic tufa cellar, under which the Tokaj wine matures.

Restaurant with local specialties


Pension Zlatá Putňa

Hlavná 414

076 31 Viničky


+421 907 666 133

Comfortably furnished apartment

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