Project Description

Cottage Esencia

The cottage is situated in the center of Little Tŕňa, one of the Tokaj wine region. It offers comfortable year-round family accommodation up to 12 people. Yard is part of the cottage, which is equipped with two gazebos, trampolines, slides and cellar.

Location: Malá Tŕňa

GPS: 48.45572, 21.68244

Double bed in the cottage Esencia

The cottage is divided into two parts. The first part is an entrance hall with open kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. In the second part there are two bedrooms and a large shared bathroom.

In the cellar you will find two tasting rooms


Cottage Esencia

Kostolná 30

076 82 Malá Tŕňa


+421 905 596 603

+421 949 326 088

Sitting in the garden in front of the cottage.