Project Description

Accommodation “At cottage” – Naďa Kapráľová

Holiday house (cottage), which can be rented as a whole or only individual rooms. In the house is available 11 beds in three rooms. There is a fully equipped kitchen and living room with fireplace. On the ground and first floor are a bathroom with toilet. There is also a yard, outdoor fireplace and a small grill. Close to the house are Tuff cellars with Tokaj wine that matures here and after an agreement you can also taste wine.

Location: Veľká Tŕňa

GPS: 48.46804, 21.6825

Ceramics with motives of the region Tokaj

The larger cottage (Hacienda) is divided into two parts (2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms), situated in the vineyards 2 km behind Malá Tŕňa, towards the municipalities Černochov and Bara. Facility has older furniture that is suitable for undemanding. The house has also a roofed large terrace and outdoor grill. Where is possible to provide home meals (breakfast, main dish, goulash, wild game, vegetarian diet.)

Furnished cottage breathes history


Naďa Kapráľová – Accommodation “Na chalupe”

Obchodná 134/12

076 82 Veľká Tŕňa


+421 905 837 829

Closeness with tradition