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Greek catholic and reformed church

In the middle of the village Zemplín is a hill Várhegy, which means castle hill. In the area are two religious buildings, from which the church belonging to the Reformed Church conceals a Romanesque building. According to data from 1332 the church was dedicated to St. Juraj. The church of St. Juraj was built in Romanesque style and belonged to the graveyard. In 1985 several graves were revealed. The Greek Catholic church has Gothic foundations and was rebuilt in 1628, which stood only the nave itself. The tower was built up to the year 1872.

Location: Zemplín

GPS: 48.440886, 21.813720

Greek Catholic church

Zemplín (name derived from Old Slavic) is a unique archaeological site giving evidence of continuous settlement from the Stone Age to the early modern period.

Reformed church

Around the churches are located earth wall, which was built to protect.

The village Zemplín