Project Description

Manor – The Birthplace of Francis Rákoczi II.

The Renaissance manor house is located on the southern outskirts of Borša. Probably on the site of the present building existed a moated castle. The manor house was substantially modified in the years 1939 – 1943, the original ground plan was in the shape of the letter “L” later other tracts was build and it acquires an irregular letter U.

Location: Borša

GPS: 48.38906, 21.70514

Birthplace of Francis Rákoczi II.

The manor is an important historical place, because in 1676 here was born Ferenc Rákóczi II. – The last leader of the anti-Habsburg Class Uprising. Currently it serves as a museum. Inside are materials attributable to the famous family Rákóczi.

Built on the former moated castle

The mansion was significantly modified in 1939 – 1943.

In front of the mansion is placed a bronze bust of Rákoczi II. by sculptor J. Mayer