Project Description

Marianske sculptural group

Marian sculpture is the work of an unknown stone sculptor dated around 1800. Stylistically it can be included the works of fading rococo with a character classicist style. The dominant place in the sculpture is a sculpture of the Madonna trampled at a snake. To her right is a stone statue of St. Ján Nepomuk and on her left a statue of patron and protector against fire St. Florian. Sculpture is currently located now in third place. Originally it stood in front of the manor house. Later in 1907 it was transferred to the area south of the church on the edge of the park towards the main road. At that time, it was surrounded by a decorative chains positioned on eight columns. It was a gift to the city from the widow of the Count Andrássy Theodore. Considerably damaged sculpture was in the mid 80’s completely restored. It has also been transferred to a better place in the space between the Roman Catholic and Greek church.

Interesting fact: The sculpture is currently located now in third place.

Location: Trebišov

GPS: 48.62273, 21.7204

Madonna treading on a snake