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Renaissance lutheran chuch

Renaissance church was built on the remains of an old Gothic church in 1656. In 1848 it was renewed and at the beginning of the 20th century got a new roof. Over classical portal, which carries the year of the repair (1848), is a Renaissance plaque with an inscription and reliefs of dolphins (1656). Valuable inscription plaque with the coat of arms on the north side of the nave, as well as liturgical pewter jugs from the time of Renaissance-era.

Location: Malá Tŕňa

GPS: 48.457247, 21.684890

Renaissance church in the village of Mala Tŕňa

The year 1656 also includes paintings, engravings, effigies, coats of arms and lettering. Chest on ecclesiastical textiles comes from the 1817. Patronal is Renaissance.

One of the highest points in the village