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Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary visitation and Paulist monastery

When the canon of Esztergom, Eusebius to the example of St. Paul Pustovník united in 1225 individually living hermits, still unaware that he laid the foundations of the one origin of the Hungarian male order – Pauline. Order was constituted in the Archdiocese of Esztergom in 1256 and its existence confirmed by Pope Clement V. One of the most influential Perényi, Imrich Palatine gave in 1502 to build a two-storey monastery. Renaissance monastery building has the shape of the letter “I” and the southern wing directly attached to the church. Some of the rooms have been preserved vaults.

Location: Trebišov

GPS: 48.62235, 21.72102

In 1502 Imrich Palatine build a two-storey monastery

At present, in the monastery is located an Art School and the Roman Catholic parish office.

Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary visitation