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Ruins of the castle Parič

According to the first written record from the year 1254 it stood east of Trebišov lowland castle, whose owner was master Andronik, the son of governor Paris. Drugets Parič probably substantially rebuilt. The whole castle was surrounded by fortifications, which were from stone foundations and brick-wall. In 1387, the king Žigmund Luxemburský donated the whole manor as a reward for merit and military aid to Peter Perényi. After the battle at Mohacs, when a large part of Hungarian territory fell into Turkish hands the Hungarian parliament meet in the castle to take measures to rescue the state. Destruction of the castle reached the age of rebuilding and expansion of the castle of the Andrássy family in the late 19th century.

Location: Trebišov

GPS: 48.62121, 21.72713

The first written record from the year 1254

Under the name castrum Parys the castle was first mentioned in the deed from 1327, issued by the King Robert Viliam Druget. Drugets later returned Parič to rulers and the castle became a royal property. In the year 1454 met the Pariči provincial parliament to be enacted for it to proceed against the Hussite invasion.

Fortification was built around the moat