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Bodrog river

Bodrog does not spring, as it is a junction of the rivers Ondava and Latorica near the village Zemplín. The length of the watercourse is 67 km, of which 15 km in Slovakia. In Hungary Bodrog flows into the river Tisa. At the time of elevated levels the basin of these rivers provided one large marshes, which stretch up to the Tisza. In the early 20th century began to Zemplín build a whole system of drainage channels. Bodrog was once for several villages source of livelihood.

Location: Viničky

GPS: 48.394989, 21.741954

Cruise boat on the river Bodrog

State border with Hungary crosses near Borsa and Klin nad Bodrogom municipalities at the place with the lowest elevation in the SR, which is 94.3 meters. Bodrog is a paradise for fishermen, whether it is main flow or side arms of Bodrog.

The quiet waters of the Bodrog

It is the only navigable river in eastern Slovakia, for shipping it must be at least 230cm deep. In the river was caught so far the biggest fish in Slovakia. The catfish weighed an incredible 128 kg.

The river is a paradise for fishermen