Project Description

Borsuk – protected place of obsidian

Borsuk – has important landscape features of the region’s vineyard Borsuk hunt in the northern part of the cadastral Viničky village. Near the village Viničky outcrops of volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks. Among the natural attractions belongs protected habitat thermophilic vegetation on top of Borsuk. Addition to the vineyards it is also protected habitat thermophilic vegetation. Mainly occur here: oman, rumenica, wormwood. There are also rare and protected species: jasenec white dwarf iris. The highest point in this area is homonymous dimension with an altitude of 267 m above sea level. The limestone part of the hill is densely overgrown with shrubs and on the andesite part of the vineyards was discovered an obsidian site.

Location: Viničky

GPS: 48.40704, 21.73473