Project Description

Tarbucka – nature reservation

Nature Reservation Tarbuck was declared in 1986, currently it covers an area of 148.98 hectares and there’s still a 5th gear protection. It consists of two parts: one consists of andesite Tarbuck hill between the villages Streda nad Bodrogom, Malý Kamenec a Veľký Kamenec. Throughout the territory they have their significant representation of different kinds of birds. Many of them nest in the area. The second part constitutes moderate andesite back from the south side of windblown sand and the isolated part of dead arm in Bodrog. Isolated phenomenon across Europe, where on andesite hills lays drifting sand. Tarbuck is the only site with vegetation of rare Dianthus serotinus and Pulsatilla pratensis in Slovakia. The flora is represented by a rock zone with thermophilic forest-steppe zone of vegetation and wetland communities, combined with coastal habitats of grassland and sand dunes with wooded and bare parts, sometimes supplemented by bare sand habitat.

Location: Viničky

GPS: 48.36577, 21.7833